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Crossover Festival began in 2017 and is organised by Julie, Eleanor & Emily Cross , who have attended Bluegrass and Old Time festivals for over 20 years, as both avid listeners and regular band members (respective bands include; Midnight Skyracer, Chill Until Blue, Dulaman, Keep off the Grass, Shake the Roots, The Rye Distraction & The Reckless Abandoners).  Being fans of both Bluegrass & Old Time along with Country and Americana, they decided to create a festival which brings the styles together and allows the audience to experience the multiple genres on the same stage.

So with a penchant for blending styles of music and a surname of 'Cross', what better name for a festival than 'Crossover'.


Julie, Eleanor & Emily wanted to create an event that enables the full festival experience, including; on site camping, a family friendly feel, excellent bands, a variety of workshops, space for sessions, dance displays and a communal area for jams, stalls, food & drink.  On top of everything, they wanted people to have a great time!


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