During the festival there are displays in both Appalachian and Flat-footing dance.

There is also an opportunity to take part in a workshop to learn some steps and techniques. This year we have two dance teams. The first being 'Dan & Jake'...

dan and jake.jpg

Dan and Jake were both originally taught Appalachian Flatfooting by Sue Coe and then Ira Bernstein and have taken what they learnt and mixed it with a little bit of tap (thanks Dan) and whatever pops into their heads. When dancing out they show this in their relaxed, musical and often funny (often improvised) routines.

THE 2ND DANCE TEAM IS RAISE THE DUST. Raise the Dust have been together since 1992, giving highly praised performances at events and festivals across the British Isles.
Combining both high-step and flat-foot styles, our dancing just bursts with energy and hypnotic rhythms, generating a real sense of fun and enjoyment that is hard to resist! The precise percussive dance style and original choreography blend beautifully with the authentic sound of Old-Time fiddle and banjo. With A Capella dances, and traditional singing and music adding to the variety of our performances, we'll be guaranteed to get your feet tapping too!

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