How much are tickets?



TICKET BREAKDOWN. How the prices are calculated per person...

Festival Ticket Cost £70: This money goes towards paying for bands, workshop tuition, PA, sound, marquee etc.

Site Fee £10: This money goes towards paying for insurance, toilets, lighting, signs etc. 

Camping Fee £15 (basically £5 per night): This money is paid by those who want to camp (in any form i.e. tent/motorhome/caravan)

at the festival, and goes towards paying for the actual festival grounds and providing showers and other services.. 

Do I have to buy a separate camping ticket to my weekend festival ticket?

If you want to camp at the festival for the weekend, then you will need to buy the full festival experience ticket which includes camping. 

Why can I only buy a weekend ticket?

Day and Evening tickets may become available in March 2022 but we need to prioritise weekend ticket sales first since allowing someone to come

for one night potentially prevents another person coming for the whole weekend. We need to maximise capacity. If there are tickets remaining, we

will put them on sale closer to the event.

Why have the ticket prices gone up, when you put together festival ticket, camping and site usage fee?

We have been very lucky for the last 3 years to have been awarded Arts Council funding, which is never guaranteed year in and year out. As a result, you have received fantastic value for money. As we strive for quality of artists and venue, we need to become self-sustaining, so need to charge a higher fee. Also, quality artists and venues don't come cheaply, so we need to charge more in order to be able to pay a fair rate.  Crossover does not want to compromise on quality. Despite the increase in price, we are still very competitive compared to many other music festivals in the folk/country/Americana scene. 

Will tickets be posted out after I have purchased them?

No, we use a paperless system, so you will just need to use your Paypal statement as proof or purchase. This email or your PayPal statement can be used on the festival gate as your ‘ticket’, which will be exchanged for a wristband. If you forget your Paypal statement or email, you will need some form of ID to present at the gate.

Do I have to buy a ticket for my child(ren)?

It depends on the age of your child! Children 18 years and younger are FREE so you don’t need to purchase a ticket for them. Children must be accompanied to the festival by a paying adult. 

Is there a carers ticket? 

Yes. We offer a free carer ticket for DLA holders. The person with the DLA must attend the festival along with the carer for the free ticket to be redeemed. Proof of DLA must be provided. Please contact the festival directly at  info@crossoverfest.com to discuss this or book tickets. 

There is a problem with my transaction. What can I do?

Please send an email to info@crossoverfest.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can with a solution.

If you’ve bought too many tickets, you will be fully refunded.

Can I return my tickets?

Refunds will be considered if you are unable to attend the festival due to circumstances outside of your control.