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2024 LINE-UP*

Jake Vaaderland

Jake Vaadeland is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and songwriter from Saskatchewan, Canada. His traditional sound and unique style could be defined as a blend of Bluegrass and 50’s Rockabilly, with Jake also specializing on guitar and banjo in addition to his impressive vocals.

Jake strives to write and play with a focus on storytelling and messages that he hopes his audience can relate to, all packaged in foot stomping, high energy performances with The Sturgeon River Boys.

2022 proved to be a remarkable year for Jake Vaadeland, as he received 2x Saskatchewan Music Awards including Album of the Year for ‘Everybody But Me’, along with the Folk/Roots Artist of the Year. In addition, he earned 4x Saskatchewan Country Music Awards, including Fans Choice Entertainer of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, Alternative Country Album of the Year and Emerging Artist of the Year.

Rachel Eddy

Rachel Eddy is a native of West Virginia who grew up in a musical family steeped in the traditions of Appalachian music and dance. Now based in Washington, D.C., they are known throughout the world as both a dynamic, emotionally powerful performer and an engaging, thoughtful teacher. Rachel’s soulful singing and multi-instrumental finesse—including fiddle, banjo, guitar, and mandolin—may be heard on numerous solo and collaborative recordings as well as at dances and jam sessions, where Rachel is dedicated to fostering community and sharing a love of music with others.

Rachel will be performing both a solo slot plus a full-band performance at Crossover. 

Joining them for the full-band performance is 'Old Mother', featuring Kieran Towers, Charlotte Carrivick, Dan Edwards & Eleanor Wilkie

Calaheen Morrison

Originally hailing from the high desert of Northern New Mexico, Cahalen has made a name for himself. Over the past decade touring solo, as a duo with Eli West, or with his band Western Centuries, Cahalen has played shows and festivals all over the world and performed on stage with the likes of Tim O’Brien, Kelly Joe Phelps, Hot Rize, Crooked Still and Kris Drever. Equally at home on guitar, banjo, mandolin, singing three part harmony or unaccompanied, he has carved out a place for himself as a unique voice in American music. 

John Lowell

John Lowell is a man at ease with himself. The musical terrain he occupies, whether his songs or others, is steeped in the tradition of storytelling. The combination of honesty and authenticity bolster the ease of the relationship between himself, his music, and his audience. John’s abilities as a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and human being are inseparable. If you ever have the chance to meet him in person you’ll find his handshake is heartfelt, his smile genuine, and his quiet demeanor humble. He has a knowledge and respect for music that is as serious as a Montana winter but delivered with the grace and confidence of someone who has led the life of sharing what he loves. I respect him and am honored to call him a friend.

John will be performing both a solo slot plus a full-band performance at Crossover. 

Joining him for the full-band performance UK's own, amazing Jaywalkers, plus other special guests

Hot Rock Pilgrims
Jonas and Jane

Brought together by a shared love of Americana Music, it was on a trip to Texas when UK-based Charlie Jonas and Katherine Jane first discovered their mutual passion for Bluegrass music which has moulded them into the harmony driven and bluegrass influenced folk duo they are today.

They've since released three records and toured across Texas, Colorado and Arizona as well as the UK. They’ve also played many UK festivals including Cambridge Folk Festival, Maverick Americana and the main stage at Carfest where they played to over 35,000 people following a live performance of their song "Whispered" on the Chris Evans BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show.

Assembly Lane

Assembly Lane brings together four Newcastle-based musicians immersed in the shared musical traditions of The British Isles and North America. Their dynamic arrangements of traditional and contemporary material from both sides of the Atlantic effortlessly blend ancient ballads and progressive bluegrass with rich vocal harmonies and instrumental flair. Their debut album ‘Northbound’, recorded by Josh Clark at Get Real Audio [Kate Rusby, Flook], was released to universally positive reviews. 


Crafted for an exploration into the uncharted realms of bluegrass in Iceland, JÆJA stands as a contemporary acoustic quartet, featuring four inquisitive young musicians. Hailing from Reykjavik, the guitar virtuoso Bragi Ólafsson leads the ensemble, accompanied by mandolin maestro Evan Davies (The Often Herd), jazz bassist Sam Quintana (Wandering Monster), and fiddle player Kieran Towers (Charlotte Carrivick / Pet Yeti). Together, they weave a distinctive and unrestrained sonic tapestry, drawing influences from jazz, old-time, and Scandi-folk.

JÆJA's repertoire comprises broody and incandescent original instrumental compositions, complemented by carefully selected four-part vocal favorites ranging from the timeless Tony Rice to the iconic Paul Simon. Join us on this musical expedition as JÆJA navigates the unexplored landscapes of bluegrass, bringing forth a fusion of styles that is as daring as it is captivating.


‘The Lewis Cohen String Band’ - While you may recognise some familiar faces from their previous performances as 'Sapphire Storm - Full Band,' this time Lewis Cohen has assumed the role of lead vocalist. Prepare to be captivated as the band delivers a dynamic and soul-stirring set of Bluegrass, Country, and Americana songs. Delivering a fusion of Bluegrass, Country, and Americana; Lewis Cohen will lead the way on vocals and guitar, accompanied by the talented Eleanor Wilkie on bass and harmony vocals. Kieran Towers will showcase his virtuosity on the fiddle, while Bruno Pichler will weave intricate melodies on the Dobro. Keeping the rhythm solid is the skilled percussionist, Josh Clark, on drums. Adding to the harmonious blend of voices is Emily Cross on harmony vocals. Joining the ensemble as a new addition is Richard Collins, who will bring his expertise on the banjo and mandolin.

Hackney Hill Pickers

At the 2023 Crossover Festival, the Hackney Hillpickers made a mark by winning the inaugural showcase, earning them a coveted full set on the main stage for the following year. Now, in 2024, they are set to deliver a dynamic performance once again. Hailing from East London, the Hackney Hillpickers are a hard-driving bluegrass band known for their creative blend of bluegrass, country, and old-time music. Their repertoire spans from Jimmy Martin to the Johnson Mountain Boys to Merle Haggard and back again.

Passionate about their musical craft, the band members express their love for the music they play, describing it as both clear and contagious. Their goal is simple: to share the joy and fulfillment that this music brings them with as many people as possible.

The ensemble comprises Luke Donovan on guitar and vocals, Tim Kent on banjo, Darren Juniper on double bass, and David Atkinson on mandolin. Together, they bring a vibrant energy and a love for traditional sounds that captivate audiences and make the Hackney Hillpickers a standout act at any bluegrass event.


Jeri, co-founder of the Glasgow Old Time Session, is a seasoned old-time fiddler with a decade of experience. After playing major folk festivals in Australia, she explored North America and Europe before settling in Scotland in 2018. Now a sought-after session musician, Jeri tours with diverse projects, including The Fountaineers. Influenced by greats like Brittany Haas and Rhiannon Giddens, her fiddling reflects a rich tapestry of musical inspiration.

Ruth, an established clawhammer banjo player on the UK scene, blends traditional old-time Appalachian music with contemporary influences. A member of Blue Lass, she draws inspiration from artists like Allison De Groot and Sarah Jarosz.

Together, Jeri and Ruth form a dynamic duo, creating powerful fiddle and banjo tunes. Their collaborations have graced festivals like Gainsborough Old-Time Festival and Moniaive Bluegrass Festival. Recording an album in early 2024, their musical synergy promises an exciting addition to their journey.

Chuck and Dave

With a musical partnership spanning over two decades, Dave Luke and Chuck Micallef bring their captivating blend of Country Roots Americana to stages worldwide. Hailing from London and Toronto respectively, the duo seamlessly recreates the intimate, jovial atmosphere of a front porch picking session in any setting.

Dave Luke, skilled in guitar, mandolin, and vocals, honed his craft in London-based Country Rock bands before settling in Mid-Wales in the 1990s. Chuck Micallef, renowned for his vocals and guitar, made a mark in Toronto's Coffee Houses before his two-decade tenure in the UK, producing a live recording and the acclaimed album "The Moon, The Stars & The Sun."

Their music, best described as Country Roots Americana, merges Chuck's Singer-Songwriter influences with Dave's love for Honky Tonk and Western Swing. The duo's mutual appreciation for Traditional Country and Bluegrass results in a captivating and varied programme that spans the Americana genre.

Currently promoting their debut CD, "Shadows and Light," featuring the co-written title track, the duo looks forward to expanding their fan base through media exposure and touring across the UK, Ireland, and Europe. With influences ranging from Merle Haggard to John Prine, Dave Luke & Chuck Micallef's authentic storytelling resonates with audiences.

For them, the best part of being musicians is performing beloved songs for appreciative audiences, and their future aspirations include regular visits to Nashville for writing and performing. As they launch their debut CD, the duo is excited about the journey ahead, sharing their passion for Americana music and connecting with audiences far and wide.

Flatville Aces

Flatville Aces, masters of traditional Cajun music, weave a vibrant tapestry of fiddle, accordion, French vocals, and infectious dance rhythms. Led by acclaimed accordionist Gavin Lewery, the ensemble features founder Jock Tyldesley, renowned for touring with legends like Balfa Toujours and Eddie Lejeune. Vera van Heeringen adds rhythmic finesse from her experiences with Dirk Powell and Sheryl Cormier. This year, the line-up welcomes the talented Loraine Baker  (Baker's Fabulous Boys, Bakerfield) on double bass and vocals. Grab your dancing shoes for a set of lively tunes & songs. 

Blue Lass

Blue Lass are a bluegrass band, playing a combination of original and traditional bluegrass and old-time songs and instrumentals. Their music has a raw and organic sound and their sets range from energetic instrumentals to moody songs which transport the listener with their stories. The band features an acoustic guitar, mandolin, double bass and clawhammer banjo, and through meeting and jamming together on the festival circuit the members felt inspired to arrange some pieces to perform together – from there, Blue Lass was born.

The band’s playing is reflective of their love of the great bluegrass of the fifties, but they also take a more contemporary approach in their arrangements, and blend old-time pieces into their sets. Each member takes their moment to lead the songs, adding variety to the mix, and the band’s strong harmonies help them to stand out in a line-up. Their dynamic performance, each stepping towards the single mic to improvise a solo, gives their shows an authentic vintage feel.

Grubb and Eedens

Introducing the musical duo, David Grubb and Darren Eedens, whose collaboration transcends borders and genres. Hailing from Fife, Scotland, and Ontario, Canada, respectively, they come together as Grubb & Eedens, weaving a tapestry of old traditions and fresh influences into their captivating sound.


These seasoned musicians have graced stages across the UK and Europe, leaving their mark at renowned festivals such as SXSW, Cambridge Folk Festival, Black Deer Festival, and Focus Wales. The heart of Grubb & Eedens' sound lies in the timeless harmonies of Celtic, Folk, Americana, and Bluegrass genres, with banjos and fiddles as their trusted companions. Their unique songwriting and distinctive style continually captivate audiences, leaving them yearning for more from this dynamic duo.

As two key members of the Welsh Bluegrass band Taff Rapids Stringband, they have shared their talents at the International Bluegrass Music Association World of Bluegrass and embarked on an unforgettable tour in Canada, captivating audiences with their musical prowess. Expect a musical voyage that bridges continents, celebrates heritage, and pushes the boundaries of their influences, creating a modern progressive push to the old traditions. Grubb & Eedens are the embodiment of a cross-continental musical odyssey that knows no boundaries.

The Bapchilds

Meet The Bapchilds, a four-piece Honky Tonk band that effortlessly blends fiddle, lap steel, double bass, guitar, vocals, and harmonies. Drawing inspiration from the country sounds of the 1940s and 50s, their repertoire reflects the tunes that resonated in the honky-tonks, low dives, and radio stations of the southern states of America. Influenced by the legendary figures of country music, including Hank Williams and Bob Wills, The Bapchilds pay homage to the rich traditions of the genre.

In addition to their renditions of classic country hits, The Bapchilds infuse their performances with original compositions, adding a personal touch to their timeless sound. Occasionally, they incorporate more modern pieces that seamlessly align with the authentic style they champion. Immerse yourself in the nostalgic charm and genuine passion of The Bapchilds as they take you on a musical journey rooted in the heart of country Honky Tonk.

*Line-up subject to change. The promoter reserves the right to alter or vary the programme of an event without being obliged to refund or exchange tickets

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