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Can I bring my tent/trailer tent/caravan/motorhome?

Yes! “Camping” includes all of the accommodation above.

Can I reserve a camping space for a friend/family member?

Yes, you (not the festival) can mark out a space for that person, as long as they have already bought a ticket online and you know the space

they’ll need on site, so you don’t take up more space than is necessary.

Can I park my car next to my tent?


How big is the site? 

Not big- everything can be easily walked to in under 5 minutes. 

Where is the day parking?

Day parking is on site and about a 2 minute walk to the main marquee. 

Is there accommodation on site?

Yes! ON-SITE Dormitory Bunk Beds Available

 There are on-site dormitories available to pre-book for the weekend, for those of you who don't mind sharing a room. We have female only, male only and mixed gender rooms available. The dormitories are are basic, functions space- a room with a comfortable bed but no extras.  No bedding is provided - you will need to bring your own.  Please also be aware that these dormitories are inside the main building and close to social areas where sessions may be ongoing late at night. Bring earplugs! The price on the ticket page is for two nights. See 'local accommodation' page for photos. 


Is there a quiet area I can pitch in?

Yes and No. There will be a designated 'quiet area' but people will play acoustic music late into the evening, so make sure

you bring earplugs with you if you don't want to hear it. 

Is it easy to walk/drive round the site?

Yes. It’s not massively big, so it’s easy to walk around but please bring a torch for walking around at night time, as there are only decorative lights. 

Are there any electrical hook-ups for vehicles?

No, sorry. EHU are not available. 

Is there a drinking water point?

Yes, all water on site is drinking water and there are multiple designated water points on site. 

Are there toilets on site for campers?

Yes. There are fixed mains toilets on site (including disabled toilets).

Is there an elsan point?

Yes, there will be an elsan point for all chemical waste. Please DO NOT put your waste down the toilets, as this goes to a cesspit and not connected to mains sewerage. 

Are there showers?

Yes there are showers. They are located within the toilet block.  Don't forget to bring a towel!

Are there facilities for washing dishes etc.?

No. The festival site is not a designated campsite, so you’ll need to bring your own washing up bowl, kettle and gas hob! Wild Camping!


Is there anywhere to store valuables?

No, unfortunately not. Please don’t leave your valuables unattended- lock them in your car wherever possible.

Can I pay by card?

Most vendors will only take cash, so please bear that in mind when attending the festival. 

I am disabled so need to camp near to the main building  and toilet- is this possible?

Yes. We have a designated disabled camping area near the marquee entrance, which has a disabled toilet (accessible with a radar key- please bring your own) right next to it. However, you will need to book this with the festival organisers, so please send a message to to arrange a space.

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